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Washing is one of the easiest and most convenient maintenance items to perform and it provides some of the longest lasting effects for the finish and long term condition of your vehicle. That has just become a little bit easier to accomplish. Team Chevrolet of Valparaiso is proud to announce the addition of their new automated car wash system featuring Ryko's patented and exclusive FoamBrite technology. FoamBrite is a feather-like fabric that is virtually water resistant, and its cell structure prohibits small particles of dirt and sand from embedding into the material. This soft and gentle material produces a comprehensive cleaning action that, with continued washing, brings back the hidden luster of your vehicle's finish. This system also includes ultrasonic mapping, utilizing ultrasonic readers to detect the profile of your vehicle, which, in turn, produces a safer, higher quality wash. Did I forget to mention, all of this is available to you for only $3! Looking for an affordable way to wash your vehicle without sacrificing quality; then make your way to Team Chevrolet in Valparaiso today!

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